ICN 2022

1 to 6 May 2022, Conference Centre of Antibes Juan-les-Pins, France

Bandeau - ICN 2022

Plenary speakers

Friday 6 May

Corentin Barbu

Corentin Barbu

Corentin Barbu is a population biologist (PhD University of Perpignan), currently a researcher at INRA after a 4-year postdoc in the University of Pennsylvania. A generalist motivated by applied issues, he published on topics ranging from access to medical care to the conservation of endangered species, mostly from large datasets not collected by research professionals. To analyse those "real world data", he applied or developed statistical methods as necessary (SERdigital 2013 prize in statistical methods). He mostly worked on a human disease (Chagas) vector control and then on crop pests control. In particular, he helped design a urban vector control campaign and lately highlighted the impact of crops in the landscape on the outbreaks of a variety of crop pests and diseases.